Download & Install Subway Surfers For Mac

Being a game junkie user always desire a power packed game within their smartphone, which could take them in full enjoyment and thrilling mode every time. One particular game is Subway Surfers about which every one of you understands very well.

Subway Surfers, sequel of the Temple Run is a game developed by Imangi Studios and was started in the year 2013. This game is made by a team of husband and wife, Keith Shephered and Natalia Luckyanova while Kiril Tchnagov gave art in it. This game can be acquired for all smartphone users like iOS, Android and Windows phone.


Subway Surfers: Gameplay

Subway Surfers is an endless running smartphone game in which the player runs, followed by a monkey monster. While running player has to collect special power-ups and gems.

Gameplay of Subway Surfers is altered somewhat as of previous game with some new barriers added like jets of fire, waterfalls, zip lines, etc. in it Some of the preceding barriers comprise sudden turns, rollers, mountains, cliffs, etc. are still present in the game.

Also with the help of green jewels gathered by them while playing, player can save their life in this sequel. Users can also buy these stone but for this they need to spend some money.

In this part those three are replaced by a giant creature named Cuchanck, although in the original Temple Run game there are 3 imps who chases player. Coming that the player can select is also raised as user will get vast choices to pick from, from four to ten, which can be one of the best moves by the developers.

Some of these recently added characters are Francisco Montoya, Montana Smith and Zack Wonder. But the most well-known characters which are added in this part is Santa Claus; and Usain Bolt, the swiftest runner of the world.

All other characters except Bolt and Santa Claus can be bought with the help of in game coins. Now if user desires to play with Usain Bolt they have to go premium i.e. they’ve to buy it by spending actual cash while Santa can be unlocked with the help of green gems.

Consequently we here tell them how they can play this game on their Mac.

Playing Subway Surfers On Mac:

Smartphone games are easily played on Mac with the aid of Bluestacks. It truly is an emulator app which helps user to run smartphone applications on their Mac.

Subway Surfers For Mac

  • Download install it on your own Mac and Bluestacks.
  • Once it’s installed entirely, type Subway Surfers in its search bar.
  • Click under Subway Surfers game on download alternative and install the game as well.
  • When it is done user can play with Subway Surfers on your own Mac.

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